TheBlueBird11 on herself, and Art

I’m TheBlueBird11 because a long time ago someone beat me to it and “BlueBird11” was taken. The bluebird is the NY state bird, and my dad’s nickname for me is Bird, so, being from NY, and with blue being one of my favorite colors, the name seemed OK to me. Oh yeah, and my birthday is 11/11, so that is the 11 thing.

I find as I get older that I appreciate art more and more, in different forms. Could be visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture), could be music, could be dance…even writing is an art.  But art could be things other people might not even recognize as such. I like stationary art (paintings and such) but appreciate interactive or moving art, 3D, even more.

I am a bit older and late coming to blogging, not sure I have much to say, but when I saw a particular “contest” at this site (WordPress) and could not post because I didn’t have my own blog site, I sighed and created this blog.  So there you have it, in a nutshell.  Who I am, why I am here.  Now back to work…